Friday, 30 May 2008

c is for cookie

As a general rule, I am very conscious of food. Like, all the time. If there's food on that table over there, even if I'm not hungry, even if I'm busy, part of my mind is eyeing it and muttering.

And all my eating struggles are about the fact that eating relieves [insert objectionable emotion here] and once I start, it's very hard to stop. So stopping is something worth noting, in my book.

So having said that, let it be noted that today, I bought two freshly baked chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips at 9am. I then ate my breakfast and started work and forgot all about them, until 11.45am, when I ate one. ONE, mind you. I could've eaten the other one, but I wasn't hungry, so I just put it back in the drawer, and forgot about it AGAIN.

At about 12.30, I was talking to someone in a room where there was a large box of various fresh cookies, and she offered me one. And I didn't take one, because I'd just had one a little earlier, I didn't feel like it and I was about to have lunch.

It is now 2.45pm, and I am eating the second one.

I have never bought two of those cookies and not eaten them both at once before. In its way, this is a kind of miracle.


Stephanie said...

As someone who is completely food conscious too, I can TOTALLY relate to this. Congrats on not feeling "obliged" to eat both right away.

Anonymous said...

i have to say - that really is impressive! i live on "individually packaged" products because i'm convinced i can't be trusted... it's insane, because i'm not learning a damn thing! eat package - all the way, whether i'm hungry or not. stop when finished - even if i'm still hungry. i feel like a goldfish sometimes! lol

Sharon said...

That is definitely an objective sign that you're making progress with recovery from compulsive overeating.